Finally, a decent snow storm...


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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Dumped about 12-14 inches last night. I dug the wagon out and motored around in the new snow for a while this morning. The wagon chugged through the the foot + drifts no sweat.




I think I may have figured out the "secret handshake" to get it to start when cold. If I let the electric fuel pump run for a minute, and then pump the throttle a bunch before and during cranking, it fires off and runs before the battery goes flat...


That's what I'm waiting for! Put a plow on the '50 dump, and just finished with the heater and blower motor tonight. *(still need to do the defrost). Just ordered a wiper motor from Newport Engineering so I can get that stuff off of my driveway (and my neighbors) and off my windsheild!
Bring it on!
What in the world is all that white stuff!!! :shock:

This will be the first winter with my new wagon.

Hope the ol 2wd can manage through the treacherous Vegas Winter... :thumbupleft:
Snow?!! Holy cow, you guys can keep it. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I finally got my garage walled up and cleaned up, so the ol' Willys is in for the winter. She sat outside last winter and it didn't treat her well. All she could do is sit there and get dumped on, so while i'm STILL waiting for that engine build, at least I can clean some things up. I am in envy of you folks who get to play.[attachment=0:vpt6u5di]weekend stuff 007.jpg[/attachment:vpt6u5di][attachment=1:vpt6u5di]weekend stuff 006.jpg[/attachment:vpt6u5di]


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Atleast someone is getting snow....... The western slopes are getting it. At the base of Pikes Peak we have just been getting cold days and colder nights with wind from all directions..... No snow yet though.....

I did manage to finish insulating the garage this week to keep the 7 degree nights outside and a comfortable 62 degrees in the garage before the welder or halogen lights come on......
Mine goes in the snow well enough, but one front brake works way better than the other so stopping is exciting. Have about ten inches of snow now and more in the forecast. But the driver wagon just went in the shop to meet it's doom. I think the project wagon is far enough to need the parts from the donor.
Those pic's just make me cold and glad I moved out of Minnesota. Where are your action photo's....making tracks in the snow?