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Feb 28, 2011
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Just wondering if anyone uses fender welting (or a form there of) anymore. If you do, why? and if not, why? I'm thinking of using a type of rubber welting, but not sure if it could cause rust faster by trapping water n dirt. Is there a better choice, or just bolt them up after paint?
I use it to cut down on squeaks and also to keep the metal from rubbing on each other and causing the rust after it rubs the paint off. Also on the truck back fenders, road spray will seep up between the bed and fenders. I use a product called, I think, it's been several years now, Mor-Tite. It comes in a roll and is a grey colored caulk that is paintable and very plyable. I bought it at the Home Depot. I've had it on my truck for several years now and am well pleased with it. It will not harden and the front and rear fenders are easily removed if necessary.
How may rolls of the "mor-tite" stuff did you need?

How thick was it before snugging stuff up?


Needed way less than one roll. It's about 1/8 to1/4 inch thick, around 1 inch wide, but it separates into strips 1/4 inch wide. In other words if you cut or tear a 1 foot piece off the roll, the one foot piece will make a 4 foot piece 1/4 inch wide once you separate it. You can mash with your fingers to any shape or thickness you need. It comes in a box , in around a 5 foot roll.
The way I found out about it was, I called ,The JEEPSTER MAN , Morris Ratner up and asked him if he carried the welting to go between the front fenders and the cab. He said to use Dum Gum whatever that is. I went to my local hardware store and told him what he had said and he showed me the mor-tite and said he had used it for the same thing. It's actually a pliable thick putty weather stripping that can be torn to the length as needed and applied.
I used vinyl welt (black) purchased in rolls from Vintage Ford in Sacramento. Was supposed to be most durable of available materials ~$17 a roll. Used a bit less than one roll. Installed at front fenders and bed fenders with one side glued with weatherstripping glue. Used to prevent squeaks and paint chaffing cracking. Looks good but havnt had on road yet so can't attest to water seepage. Snugged up tight though. My 53 powerwagon has/had welt. Looked like original equipment but pretty well gone after 57 years.
I went to the hardware store this morning and could not find the mor-tite, but frost king makes the same product and it's called, Fingertip Rope Caulk. It comes in a 30 foot roll and each strand is 3/32 in diameter, cost was $4.09 a box. Go by a store and check it out it may be just what you are looking for. I myself really like it. If you break it down into strands it comes out to 150 feet per box.
Thanks guys for the great ideas. Worfdog--I've maybe used that same product but can't remember when & why. Sure does sound familiar in my minds eye. And I love cheap, oh I mean financialy appealing.
Thanks for the input guys. When I am ready to put the front fenders back on, I will be making the stop by the Home Depot for something mentioned here.
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