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Feb 28, 2011
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I have a stalling problem with my 1953 pickup with f4 engine. After the engine warms up and the choke is pushed all the way in when I come to a stop in order to keep the engine from stalling the choke must be pulled out a bit till I'm under way again. The PO said he rebuilt the carb with a kit that he found in the truck when he bought it but said the tag on the carb. was missing so he wasn't sure the rebuild kit was the proper one. I'm thinking maybe the float is not set properly. Or could the fuel pump be starting to go?, compression maybe or tune up. Any ideas would be of a great help.-------Thanks
Sounds to me like you have a vacum leak. I'm betting that the PO used a gasket that is not right either between the base and intake manifold or base and bowl asm. See if you can get someone to help with trying to keep it running at as close to idle as you can, while you spray around the base with some carb cleaner. If it picks up RPM you have a vacum leak to fix. Hope this helps.

after doing the vacuum test, check to make sure there is no vacuum leaks at the winshield wiper motor or lines to it. i had the same problem with my ohc 230 with the holley 1920 carb. turned out it was the kit. the rubber parts would not stand up to alcohol in todays gas. when you purchase a carb kit be sure to check that out with the partsman.
Simply put, Rich; the problem is carb related. Either the wrong kit was used, ORRRRR, the PO probably did a half a*#ed job with it to begin with. It sounds to me that your idle circuit is probably clogged a bit. You have two choices.
1. bump up the idle so that when you stop, it idles around 900 rpm. Yeh, always cool at the stop lights. :lol:
2. Rebuild it AFTER soaking it in carb cleaner for at least twelve hours and getting it clean all the way through or have it done at a shop.

Ok, so you really only have one choice. IT'S NOT THE FIRST ONE. ;)
This may sound a little too simple, but this has saved many a project I have brought back to life. Add a strong dose of fuel system cleaner in the tank to see if that flushes anything out of the carb. I have used BG 44 K on bikes and cars that have been sitting for years and it cleans the crud. Good possibility the overhaul didn't include a dunk in solvent.
Well today we had nice weather here so I decided to spend some time on the Willys. Looking over everything I started by tightening the float bowl screws and carb to intake nuts, seemed pretty snug. While I was tightening the valve cover (really loose) I noticed the vacuum windshield wiper motor only had one hose hooked up, so I'll look at that tomorrow. I had started the engine earlier in the day and noticed that even warm it ran better with the choked advanced a bit, idle circuit as you said could be the culprit. Son came over at this point so we turned our attention to removing the front bumper, damn what a pain, my parts truck bumper is in much better condition.
Anybody try the new electronic ignitions yet? think thats the way I'm going to go. I believe I'll have better performance and less time replacing the points and such in the future. I'm enjoying my project, the only down side is 58 years of rust, frozen bolts & ER visits for stitches. Thanks everyone for your help, its been a long while that my wife has allowed me to touch anything mechanical, -------------don't ask.
I'm really looking forward to teaching myself to use my new Hobart 140 mig for sheet metal repairs, never have done any welding before. I'll try to post photos of my project heres my parts truck,,,, bet you won't be able to tell them apart,,lol.[attachment=1:3vcyncni]Picture 017.jpg[/attachment:3vcyncni]


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