F Head Valve Seals

The Bradley

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Feb 14, 2010
Willys Model
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Does anybody have a picture or can somebody explain how the valve seals go on an F Head. I've got this engine tore down and there wasn't any valve seals on it when I took it apart. I got 4 rubber o-ring seals and 4 paper washer type seals in my gasket kit. I've never changed seals that look like these. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The only description (no photos or diagrams) that I can find in my service manual concerning intake stem seals is, quote: "Be sure to install a new rubber oil seal ring on each intake valve stem before installing the retainer locks. With the retainer and spring compressed, position a seal ring on the valve stem just above the lock recess, install the locks and release the spring." I can't find anything concerning the paper washers.
So it goes between the retainer and the valve locks? It seems like it would make more sense to go under the retainer on top of the valve guide. But if that's what it says...