F Head Rear Main Seal

The Bradley

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Feb 14, 2010
Willys Model
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So I bought a f head to throw into my 52 cj3a, I'm doing a complete rebuild on it, and right now I'm replacing the rear main seal. The problem is, the seal that was on it has a metal backing, and nobody sells that anymore. Could I replace that with the rope seal?
Bradley, I rebuilt a 134 "F" head back in 1983. The kit came with a Neoprene and a Rope type rear main seal. I used the Neoprene and it worked just fine. In my opinion, yes; you can use the rope seal. Don't forget those two rubber dowel plugs that go in back there as well. :)
Thanks for the reply, but I finally found a place out in California that carries the seal with the metal band.