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Nov 8, 2010
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1963
Morning all,

I have a rebuilt motor to put in my 1963 wagon. Does anyone have a procedure to do this? I have done this type of work in the past; but, it's been many years ago. I don't care to reinvent the wheel; and, don't want to risk missing a critical step in the process

The engine is a 230. The wagon has the standard 3-speed and transfer case.


Great, repowering with a Willys engine is always good to hear. I have never done a complete engine installation myself, so I can't help you there. Just some friendly words of encouragement. :thumbup:
Started putting my 226 back in the truck (54).
I bought mine pretty much in parts and took it down to chassis so I'm learning how to rebuild entire vehicle. When I'm done I should have quals for job in assembly line 'cept I'm too slow.

Pretty much common sense and if you've got access to a manual it be a good start.
Check torque settings, don't forget fluids and make sure electrical connections are sound.

Best of luck!
Bill, Everybody has their own way they like to do things when it comes to engine installation. Here is my method:

I remove the whole front end. Hood, Grille and Fenders. It's all just too much to try and work over. Once all of that is out of the way you'll be plenty comfortable with stabbing in the engine. I also like to leave the trans and xfer case in the vehicle. Some folks like to take them out and mate them with the engine, then put the entire assy in. If they were already out, why not, but if they're still installed leave em' be. Just take it slow and keep checking the angle of the engine in relation to the trans input shaft. I also like to leave the intake / exhaust manifolds off during the install. They tend to mess with the weight distribution with an odd angle. There's no "gee whizardry" to this. Just make sure the engine is balanced well while hanging from the chain and life will be easy. Oh, I also like to install and torque the trans to bell housing bolts before I put the engine down completely on the mounts.
Good luck and have fun with it.
Don't forget that when you have the old engine out and before you put the new engine in that's the perfect time to change the clutch and pressure plate and throw out bearing and have the fly wheel surfaced and possibly change the pilot bushing, this will save you from doing it again when the clutch goes out