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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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Was going to post this in the Weekend update section, but this is more of a rant than a "Hey lookit!!"Time to convert my wipers from vacuum to electric. Took off my vacuum motor and disconnected the slide cable/rotary switch, which was easy. Took my brand spankin new electric motor from Walck's (after a three month wait), lined up the rotary propellor with the wiper socket, marked where I had to put in my nutserts, drilled the firewall(a real pitty as the sheet metal is nice and painted), put in the nutserts. Hey this is easy!! Mounted the motor, ran the new wires, put in the new switch above the ash tray (doesn't quite fit) , stood back and looked at the installation and thought, "Kool". But the more I looked, the more I didn't like the way the motor gearbox was sitting higher than the motor. Then I went to close the hood. NOT.....!! The cross-brace on the rear of the hood became VERY intimate with that gear box while the hood still had 8" to go before being closed. Tried turning the motor assy 180* but this put the mount way above the hood line. Seeing as how the "propellor" is pinned to the motor shaft, it's parked location is not changeable and all that would do is relocate the mount in an unfavorable location again. Man, I'm ripped :evil: I should have known that things would not be quite right when I removed the unit from the shipping box and the instruction sheet was a hand-drawn schematic that had been copied so many times it was almost illegible. I guess the old addage of "Buyer Beware" holds true once again

Anyone out there do an electrical motor conversion and have it come out correctly the first time? I'm gonna give Newport Engineering a shot. Used their product in my '54 Ford sedan and was very pleased


I'd really like to see how this turns out for you. As the owner of a willys that underwent a engine swap, I don't have much of anything....including the equipment to run my windshield wipers.
Does it look like this. I have one like it for my truck. Fits good.
I've got one like the picture in my wagon and it fits good, I've got one from Newport in the Jeepster it also fits correctly
Chris, the only difference between your pic and my unit, is how the motor propellor is positioned.



Do you have a pic of yours installed?. I wonder if my wiper base is higher up on the firewall? I'm also assuming (without a good instruction sheet), that the unit is installed, as seen, with the wiring exiting the motor from the bottom?


Since I last posted, I ordered and received a wiper motor and switch from NewPort Engineering. What a nice piece!! All you gotta do to make the conversion is take out the two screws holding the vacuum motor on its' mount, lift off the motor, then put on your new electric wiper in the exact same place using the existing screw bosses.All that's left for me to do is the final wiring.


It's well worth the couple extra dollars over the units from the Willys vendors!!


Don't forget to adjust the cables under the dash. Very simple as I remember and it makes a difference.
Well not much help when snow is involved.
Hi Willys48. I'm working on a 57 Willys Pickup/Chevy Conversion. I recently bought a Universal dual wiper drive kit from Golden RodTronics. We are getting ready to do all the inside cab functions including installing this system. It's a two speed system and can also be upgraded to an intermittent system. It fits in any vehicle. Many street rods use this system, so I got it for my 57 Willys Pickup. Check it out at http://www.goldenrodtronics.com Good Luck!