e bay, looks like a deal!

I saw thea yesterday. I did like the roof, but not sure I like the tip out front.
That roof is surely unique. I thought the flip forward front clip was a good idea. Especially with the V8 stuffed in there.
I like the hood. I've been wondering how I could do mine without screwing up the body lines...............
What I don't like is all the baby blue, sweet baby jesus that's an eye full................carpet too? WOWZA!!!!!
Should have a smurf floormat and instead of a taz....................just sayin.

I know there are guys on here that have light blue ones so let me have it. :x
roundss said:
I like the hood...

I think the fender joints they did are a bit crude. I like tilt front clips when it's hard to notice when they are shut. I think the front fenders could be cut in a more subtle way, or maybe the whole fender could tilt instead.

I like the woody headliner too, but the rest of it is a smurf dream... :lol:

Uhhhh...just for the record; My Wagon is not light blue. It's a dupont color, called Spectre Green, so it's got this hint of...well it's sort of tinged with a shade of...Ah hell, it's light blue. :)
Ah, the old "it's ticking, but probably just needs to be adjusted." That seems like a pretty fair price, and they did a pretty cool custom job on that. I'm with you guys, I really like the roof. At least the rats won't be able to chew through that.