Dualmatic Hub Rebuild


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Oct 23, 2009
Citrus Heights & Tahoe
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Got my hubs apart, cleaned and painted, now time for re-assembly..
How much grease and what type should be used in hub itself and at hub/brake drum bearings?

There was quite a bit when I removed, suspect there may have been too much..
Homewood, I have never found a written reference for this, but have heard many thoughts. The one I stick with is...if you think it's a bit much, it probably is. People go nuts when it comes to greasing things up and end up jamming the works. Just a thin film over the moving parts should suffice. Packing them full will only make them harder to engage. All we want to do is supply a bit of lubrication. Water and dirt will eventually find there way in to the hubs, which is why there is such a thing as scheduled maintenance. Nothing last forever, so packing them full does not change this. Just keep the old comercial in mind. "A little dab'll do ya" :thumbup:
Oh, as far as the bearings go,
1. Thoroughly clean em' first
2. Pack the bearing from the large diameter side until it starts coming out of the small side. That will be plenty.

If you don't clean the bearing, pack it from the large diameter side until all of the dirty grease is pushed out and new grease is showing.
Thanks, pretty much common sense approach....after buying the PU wife says I have none...go figure...
I'll clean things up...enough grease to cook fries for a year..
Thanks..thats huge.....interested in where you found that...been searching web so long without success...