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Mar 19, 2011
Akron Ohio area
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Hi All,
I have a 1962 Station Wagon that was converted to a pickup truck. It has the 6-226 engine and I have had a constant problem with oil spillage from the draft tube since I have owned it (about 4 years). It drips - this is controllable from the mess point of view, but I have come to the conclusion that my draft tube setup is missing the baffle on the valve cover, the "steel wool" stuff that was inside of it when it was made, or both. Before I look for used parts, is there anyone who has experience fixing these? Can I braise a new baffle in if it is missing, can I put coarse steel wool in the draft tube if it is missing? Can I convert it to a PCV system (as can be done with similar era Chevy or GMC engines). Any ideas before I take everything apart?
My dodge cummins uses the same draft tube setup and I just added a breather bottle to the hose and no more oil in the driveway
While I've never done this repair on a Willys road draft tube, I did replace the steel packing on my other project car, a '67 MGB GT. I used a stainless steel scrubber pad. The shiny ones you would use to scrub dishes with. Steel wool is typically too fine and will fall apart. I think the brand of my scrubber was chore boy? Or something like that.

You can probably find one at any Wal-Mart for just a couple bucks.

I figured it would be coarse - similar to the stuff in the oil filler cap. How much did you put in the tube - just a little or the whole tube? If you put in a small amount, did it go up by the valve cover?
I've never done this repair on a Willys engine, but in the MG engine pic below, I repacked the front side cover with the tub sticking out of it.

You don't want to pack the steel material it in the tube, because if the oil is already in the tube, it's going to drip down anyway. When you pull the side cover, it should be pretty obvious where the steel packing went. Heck it may still be in there, just oil soaked and nasty. It will probably have a light cage around it to hold it in place.

I never though I would see and MG on this site :D I messed with a MBG for awhile, Very simple car much like a Willys.
The draft tube on my 51 Willys F head four has a cone shaped baffle where the tube is connected to the side cover.
Hey Truckedup

I have to admit, I'm a British car addict... I've had a '68 Triumph GT6 with a Ford 289, a 1971 Triumph TR6, a 1962 Triumph Herald, and my recent car, a '67 MGB GT. It doesn't have the original engine in it anymore. It's been converted to a carbureted Ford 5.0 with a T5. Looks bone stock from the outside and interior though. :twisted: Being addicted to Willys and British products is almost too much. I'm a real junky now.