Door latches. Are they safe? Door seals. Do they work?


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Nov 24, 2010
Everett, WA
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When I brought home my 53 delivery it was in pieces. I was looking at the door latch and it did not seam vary stout. Have any of you had any issues with them? I could modify the doors to take a more modern mechanism. I was also concerned about the door seals. I was thinking of incorporating a Chev truck door seal to make contact with the inside surface of the door. Any ideas? I'd like to hear them. :D
I believe you will find the door latches to be safe. In fact, I'll bet as the answers start rolling in, you'll find that the problem is not with them coming unlatched; rather, trying to get them open when things wear out is the issue. :lol:

As far as using a chevy door seal; I don't know; never tried it. Chevy products belong on Fords. :)
Some years back...I rebuilt a '51 Willys Station Wagon 2WD...I put a Mustang front-end under it. My 16 yr.old boy at the time decided to pull out infront of a Ford Excursion. The impact was at the "A" pllar, damage to the door and hinge area....the door remained closed and no one was added steel to the new floor and to the "A" pillare certainly helped to minimize the damage.