Door handles and locks


Bigger Hammer
Sep 13, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
('49 2wd Wagon)
Any reason why my driver's side outside handle does not have a slot for the key? Saw a video online of a 49 Wagon and it too was missing the driver side key slot. Is this original?

How the hell am i supposed to secure this thing. I can rest a lil bit knowing that no one will be able to get it started due to the starter button on the floor, but would like to get him locked up.

Got several keys form the PO. Extra ignition and a few others. Not sure if i have the proper door key for passenger side. Seems to fit but will not unlock.

With a properly functioning handle are you able to lock from the outside or have to lock it and close the door?

For now, i lock the driver door....slide over and out the passenger side and leave it unlocked.
Lock on passenger side and not on drivers side seems to be standard.
I've got my doors apart but picked up pair of door handles with locks in each handle (keyed alike) so I can lock/unlock both doors with same key.
I think you can flip your passenger side locking handle for your non-locking drivers door.

My 54 Powerwagon on the other hand has lock cylinder in passenger door itself (not in the handle) and not drivers door. Looks like I'll be sliding across that seat alot...
They were made with the passenger side lock for a long time. But as Homewood said the handles are the same and can be flipped. Security was not the highest priority on these old vehicles.
Are you able to lock the doors from the outside? The only way I can lock to doors is from the inside. So when I lock the drivers and slide over, I can't lock the pass side from the outside.

Are my lock cylinders hosed or what?

Do either of your handles have locks/cylinders in them?
If not then all you need to get is handle with lock mechanism