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Test fitted the Buick V-6 I am thinking about using. Valve cover doesn't fit under battery tray, and dip stick is right under it. I can use the strait 6 out of my donor/driver wagon, may be easier in the long run to only hack this firewall and not have to hack this one and the firewall in the truck when I get to it.


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Just a possiblity... I've seen quite a few Willys, including mine, with the battery relocated to the rear. Its a trade off. You have something permanently fixed into the cargo area, but you have a much freer and easier to work on engine. I guess it depends if you think you'll be wrencing more or hauling more. :cheers:
I have a truck with a smooth firewall and no factory motor mounts in the way, the v-6 fit it well. Was going th use the v-6 in the wagon so I could keep one Willys running all the time. Not sure if it makes sense to cut the battery box and motor mounts out of this one, cut the firewall of the truck and add motor mounts and battery box to it.
An old picture of the v-6 in the truck.


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Just a thought: Online, I've seen pics of rigs with motor swaps where the battery has been relocated to the passenger side and turned long-ways.

Kyle makes a good point. I mean if you have to take off the r/f wheel on a newer Chrysler 300M to get to the battery...
Seems the v-6 fits in the truck better. Firewall seems to be about two inches further back than on the newer vehicle. Battery on my 63 driver wagon is on the drivers side long ways. May just end up cutting out that upper firewall and using it and the engine. Not like I'm in a huge hurry, will still be a year probably before it hits the road.