Destruction has begun


Bigger Hammer
Oct 27, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
Willys Model
Willys Year:
I got the engine pulled with no problems and pushed into the garage. Stripped the interior out and got fenders off. Removal of glass this weekend. Got to turn on some heat to keep from breaking glass and to soften the rubber.


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I cheated and took to body off to mine out easier.... That should be happening in the next couple weeks for me. Planning on flipping mine around in the garage and starting on the rear end and frame work 1st.
lookin good though :thumbup:
I also took off all the sheet metal. So much easier to get to things. Keep taking lots of pictures.
Good luck.
Turn up the heat? Aren't you in Florida already? ;)

Good start and good luck with your project!


And to think some people think there is a better hobby than playing with old vehicles! Looks like the son and dog are having fun.

All the best on your adventure!

I was suppossed to be off work today, but got called in. Gonna get the stripped down pics of mine up here this weekend. gotta move all the stuff stacked around it 1st to make it look presentable.
I got the glass out tonight. Heat didn't help the rubber at all. I had to cut windshields out. My son had the window frames off, then we got all of the side glass out. It was not as good as I hoped. Wish I was out west where ya'll got little rust. Nature was not good to her at any window. Stripped the wiring out intact. I only had to cut 2 wires. They were to the turn signal switch. I have a broken parking brake cable. That might be able to be repaired. Doors will come off in a day or 2. Will post pics when I can get daylight. Got to work a double tomorrow to pay for this adventure. Chuck
I can't wait to see your stripped Willys.....progress in the making.
The firewall look's like mine, holes, holes and more holes...the stripped body all shiny looks great...I know the hard work that went into it and getting to this point of your's a great's going to be sweet look'n when finished.
Now you got me motivated cept I'm in Utah and it's colder than a well digger shovel up here. Can't wait for spring. Got a wood burner the other day for the shop though, gotta hook her up. Good luck with your project.
Great job on the destruction. Now the REAL fun begins!! I hope you bagged, tagged and took tons of photos as things came apart. Remember---the First bolt you take off will be the LAST bolt you put back in. If the project takes multiple years to complete, the old memory banks may fail. You might spend hours with a part in your hand saying "Where does this funny looking thing go?" Been there done that.

I LOVE digital cameras. I take pics of about everything before I take it apart so when reassembly time comes I can look on the computer and even print the pic to take out to the garage. Plus, if you ever sell the car, you have a pictorial history to show the buyers the thing was done right, not just sanded, puttied and painted.

The guy I bought my 54 Wagon from gave me a stack of pics showing the car as he found it and all the restoration work. To me--it added value to the purchase and I'm reassured he did a good job.

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