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Oct 19, 2009
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Until my back starts feeling better, I'm limited to putt-sing and sy-phoring...and the money is of short supply around this I have to make panels apposed to buying repo's @ $65.00 each. The passenger side is the worse, so my first attempt is where I started today. I took my portable saw-sall and cut the bottom of the cowl where the rust had taken up residence. If you noticed, I cut the metal that is behind the chrome trim, which will hide the weld seam and my body work. NOTE: some of this panel has an inner metal part that you don't see, plus spot welds. I decided to cut it all out after unsuccessfully trying to break the spot welds.
[attachment=2:396lwek1]Rust 012.jpg[/attachment:396lwek1]
The piece I cut out made a perfect copy for what needed to be replaced with new metal...breaking the seam edge (radius) wasn't hard, most of it was rust. Laying it flat on new metal made it a fast task making the new piece. Cutting the radius with hand tin shears and going to the break for a 90 degree bend...then it was just the matter of solid welding the edge-seam together (radius), grinding and checking how it will fit. To help the welding process and strength the edge seam I place a metal rod and welded it to the edge. The hole in this piece is for the front fender, I will drill an over-size hole and weld a new nut for the new bolt. To get at this nut, you would have to cut a hole on the inside metal brace....I like it so far.
[attachment=1:396lwek1]Rust 014.jpg[/attachment:396lwek1]
I know, I'm not finished yet, I have to make the inner metal brace ( replacing rust ) and tack weld the new metal in, but I figure I just saved myself $65.00 + freight
[attachment=0:396lwek1]Rust 013.jpg[/attachment:396lwek1]
Hopefully this will inspire you in your own project. I don't want to imply however that I'm doing this has a professional, I'm a tinker! I'm just trying to save a buck, remove the rust with new metal and minimize the bondo. After it is all together I will treat the inside new metal ( you can't see ) for rust and paint.
I will keep you posted on further progress later...


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Awesome job!!! :thumbup:

I have that same project on my wagon, both sides, and looks like the same amount of rust as you had.
Looks good!! Good thinking hiding part of that seam behind the trim piece. I'll have to remember that. :thumbupleft:
When are you coming to replace my driver side corner? Or better yet can you make 2 of your driver side and send me :lol: