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Feb 6, 2010
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I am really struggling with final color choices for my SD. I was wanting to take a little informal poll as to what people think of the two current front runners.

Keep it true original. Transport Yellow was the original color on my SD. I love the idea of staying original, but I don't really love this color and I want to really love looking at this thing once it is done considering how much I have put into it. I think that this color was used primarily on fleet vehicles, so maybe it indicates that this was a municipality vehicle perhaps which adds a little to the story of the SD. Below is the only picture I could find of Transport Yellow on any sort of vehicle.


Or go with a color that would still be very unique and in the "Jeep" family but that I would enjoy much more and would likely be a little more subtle to the eye. Sunburst Orange Metallic has been available on Jeeps and Dodges for a few years now and I really like it although I don't think it was a real big seller. It would give the SD a slightly more modern finish.


So, stay as close to original as possible (since my build is already focused on trying to do so) and maybe not love the color, or take a little liberty and go with a more modern color that will be more universally appealing. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Check out my build thread, viewtopic.php?f=25&t=399, for some perspective on my SD.
The orange may not have been a factory color, but I think there is a reason you can't find pictures of a lot of transport yellow jeeps. If your not going to do car shows that award for factory originality then make it what you want you have to look at it every day.
Nick, If you can recall any of my posts; you know that i'm a purist thru and thru when it comes to these trucks and wagons, but when it comes to color; I say choose something you like whether it's jeep related or not. My wagon has a color Reminiscent of the 50's era, but it's far from any color that Willys offered. I like it.
Nick, I vote for the yellow. That's because I am painting my wagon Sunburst Orange ;) All joking a side pick the color that you like. You are paying a lot of money to restore your SD, not to paint it a color you will enjoy and is pleasing to your eye.

Forget the original color! Why should you let some schlub from 50 years ago decide what color you're going to paint YOUR labor of love? Like Steve, I'm also a bit of a purist with my older cars (not necessarily my Willys) but if the original color of something I intended to pour myself into was butt-ugly, you can bet it would be changed to something I liked. (I actually like the original color of your rig, but it aint mine. Make it yours!) To me, the prettiest car ever built was the 1936 Auburn boattail speedster, but if I had one that was an ugly color, rest assured, it wouldn't be an ugly color for long!
Stuff the original colour, go for what you will like to see every morning and make you want to go for a drive in it. ;)
I like the orange, too!! Just make sure your stainless trim, bumpers, wheels/covers are up to speed, or else they'll "kill" the overall appearance.. No dull stuff for that sparkling paint scheme :thumbup:


As noted on your build post, I would stay with the stock color...yellow is a hot color! You won't have to look hard for it when parked...not many of that year where painted yellow or survived. MY VOTE IS YELLOW
I am adding my 2 cents in here. As you know these old Jeeps arent the fastest thing in the world. Yellow is bright and thus safer than some other colors. I vote yellow..stay safe...

I go with what you like and will enjoy looking at every day. That is going to mean more to you than an award for originality. I am planning on doing mine in a two tone that wasn't offered.
My 2 cents.
Eric B
Why not just paint it a different Willys color an use the factory color as a trim color.
Here's something to consider, when I was in high school I painted a 55 chev truck Corvette yellow that truck was very popular with every bee,wasp and hornet in the county