Cost of Paint Job?


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Oct 23, 2009
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  1. 1954
I know its difficult without seeing project but...
Anyone have ballpark or rnage for painting a Willys PU?
Exclude any major body work...just real good daily driver quality in stock green color...
Assume delivered to painter with blast already done.
Prep, sand, paint, inside out, grille to tailgate, inc 5 wheels?


BTW...Lowest price will not get you the job
You can pay anywhere from $1000 up to $15,000 or more. It depends on so many factors that it's impossible to give you a figure. If you can find a small shop IMO you'll get a better deal. I got our Wagon properly prepped and painted for $4000. I did most of the old paint removal, the shop did all the special prep, skim filler, primers, colour and clearcoat. I had estimates from $7000 (economy job) to $1000 (for a "skim") and "we'll only do this job on a hourly basis" to "won't touch it".
As you know, it's all in the prep - many many hours of it.

Best of luck
I did the paint on my 69 CJ, that is on my car domain site. I was planning on doing the paint on my wagon. I did learn a lot from the paint on my CJ. I did it in the garage. And plan to do it again. Prep is the key. The more hours of time that go into surface prep, smoothing, priming, sanding will make the difference when it comes to the paint. I planned on using single stage paint again that still gives the ability to clear if wanted and also wet sand and buff to a glossy finish.

My 2 cents. Doing it myself will cost around 600-700 with paint, materials, etc. Time is another story though.
Are there any vo-tech or community colleges around you with a autobody program? They usually have a waiting list but if you are not in a hurry the price can be right. I had a car fixed and painted by one and they did a nice job. It took two semesters. They fixed a bunch of rust and straightend out a bunch of damage and painted all for the cost of materials, just over $900.
Thanks for input. Pretty much what I expected.
Not enough time for a DIY job. UTI is local but they would not take on my sons 61 Impala. Had pretty good connection with them as my company designed their newest Sacramento campus.
I think qoutes I'm getting are reasonable and I know the guy is stand up individual.
I was down at my powder coater the other day picking up some PC'd parts. We got to talking and he said he couid PC my wagon!!!!! This may be the route I go, hard as a rock (for my off roading) and heck of a lot cheaper than the body shop paint jobs. My guess is, better too...

Stay tuned