Cool computer models of trucks and wagons


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Sep 17, 2009
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Scroll down in the window to see come cool computer modeling of Willys trucks and wagons-

That is awesome computer modeling. So who is going to break the news to him that his 59 truck is a pre 53? :lol: Small rear window and WO tailgate in last two pics. Wagon looks earlier also, what year did the split rear window go away?
Split window went away in 61 on the trucks. Seam on the side of the cowl is missing too as only went without in 47.
Damn nice job though and great proportions. :)
I see several on e-bay that say they are 61' wagons, with a split window. My title says 61', but it has no split?
I was refering to the rear window in the wagon. The front glass is too easy to replace so the model he looked at could have been changed to flat glass with a split for ease or cost.
But yes whoever made that model has a lot of talent. The only part I was questioning was the tags he put on the picture about model year of the truck and wagon, but since there is very little outside difference in a 14 year span it is easy to get a little off the date. Like looking at a Dodge truck from the 80's-90's not a lot of easy to spot changes to give away the year.
Check on page 2 he has a woodie painted one. Guy has some real talent.
Hello all and thanks for the crits and comments on my work. My name is Dan Palatnik, i live in Rio, Brazil and am an illustrator and 3dmodeler. I was sent a PM by Nick inviting me over and here i am.

The pickup 3dmodel was ordered by, and i after doing it i decided to create the wagons as well.

If anyone is interested in ordering customizing simulations, i am ready to listen!

Palat said:
Hello all and thanks for the crits and comments on my work.


Welcome to the forum Dan. I found your models on google with an image search and posted the link here. Very cool models, nice work!

Curious what the process is in creating these computer models, do you measure a real vehicle to get the proportions right?

I'm an architect and I use ArchiCAD software to model buildings. It would be fun to have a wagon to drop in to my house designs...


Great to see you have come over to check out this site. I would be happy to be your first customer if you wanted to mock up some basic pictures for me. I was mostly hoping for just some basic color designs to decide on an exterior color for my wagon. Then, depending on your interest/time/cost, maybe some basic mock ups of interior upholstery. Give some thought to what you might want to charge and pm me. Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks Pete
Well i start my models with a dimension, non-renderable box with the exact size of the real car, but from then on it's pure eyeballing, hence numerous mistakes. Like a sculptor it's all done "by hand". I try keeping things real life-sized, so i can swap/create accessories.

Sure nugilo, i will send you a quote. The interior is quite basic, as expericence taught me interiors can be far more detailed that the whole exterior.
Just to throw my 2cents in, I am a Mechanical Draftsman. So if anyone can't find a part, or needs a part made, lemme know, because I can do it.