Classifed Guidelines- READ THIS FIRST!

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Sep 17, 2009
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Have you done an intro in the new member forum? If you are new to the forum, please make your first post an intro...

Private Party sales only, Please. If you have a Willys related business that you would like to promote through the forum, please contact the Forum Administrator about becoming a Forum Vendor. Approved Vendors are allowed to advertise their Willys related business with a banner ad within the forum.

General Rules for listing in the Classifeds-

All ads must include a price,

All ads must include a City and State,

Don't forget your contact info if you want to be contacted outside the forum.

If you find an item of interest, please use a Private Message or Email to contact the seller, instead of posting to the thread.

When your item sells, please post to your ad that it is no longer available.

Note, Old Willys Forum will not mediate classified ads purchases or sales, buy and sell at your own risk...
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