chronic willysitis


Bigger Hammer
Oct 8, 2009
Bloomsburg PA
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Hello from Pennsylvania from a fellow sufferer - I now possess a '49 2wd 6-63 w/ od as a future restore - post daughter's tuition payments! (Tried to post an intro last week but it must have been swallowed by the cyber gods...)

I figured I needed a wagon to complete the set - my illness began w/ a '47 cj2a when I was 12... dad sold it, broke my heart, and I found a '43 gpw to replace it by 17, '56 6-226 pu by 19 - still have them both. When I went through a divorce winter of '97 I used jeep therapy (rather than health ins!) as rehabilitation. After 30 years of teenage abuse, by new years '97 I had my WWII jeep disassembled and spent the next year doing full resto complete w/ markings... and got myself hooked in the process. (not so much a mechanic as an aging model builder now working 1:1 scale)

Next project in '99 was a '55 M170 ambulance(think cj6) which you can see at great willys picnic site('09 pics).

Then everybody thought I was in the militia... I needed a sports car. Everybody remembers what they were doing on 9/11/01 - I was signing the paperwork for a red '50 473 jeepster in need of love. No pics on web yet but it looks just like all them other red ones. Lots of fun and lots of looks from pedestrians.

Last time around in '05 I got a '58 FC-150 PU ('07 willys picnic pics) that seemed pretty solid at purchase but turned into a money pit, but a really pretty one for something so funny looking.

So here I am - I've now got a barn full of 4x4s, so this '49 2wd will be the family 'jeepster' wagon that can hold 200 lbs worth of bernese mountain dogs. It is now two owners away from barn fresh, very intact and has accumulated lots of pieces and extras from last guys future projects, but nothing done beyond new rubber to roll it around. Should actually run once I clean out fuel lines etc - BUT - I really have to not spend $$$ right now...

Which means instead I'll be here with you guys listening in, lurking and looking for inspiration while I tinker, scrape, sand, and whatever else is free. Beautiful layout Pete - I'll try and get my digital photo act together and in to you soon. Randy
rbond........I was sadden to read about your illness, it seems that I've caught the disease as well, but not as bad as you yet thank barn is not that big and already houses the John Deere tractor.
Have you flagged your location on the members map would be doing me a big favor if you would....
take pictures, we all enjoy drooling.....