Changes to the Merchant Group


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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I've made some changes to the Merchant Group for the forum...

The purpose of the group is to draw businesses that specialize in Willys related parts and services to the forum, to help forum members find the stuff they need. I had the group set up for advertisers to showcase their businesses for a nominal fee, and it's clear that parting with advertising dollars is unlikely, all things considered. And, the ads don't really benefit the forum members.

I've decided to make the group free of charge for the Merchant, and ask that in exchange they give discounts to forum members instead. My hope is that this will create a base of merchants that want to be a part of the forum to showcase their wares, as well as provide a direct benefit to you guys if you mention the forum when you buy stuff from the merchants. Win-Win.

If you know of anyone interested in joining the Merchant Group, send them my way-

Did you hit up any of the vendors links already on the website to draw them in?
I know there are a few of us here that would love to get some discounts from these vendors to help the budgets on our many projects..... :roll:
Working on it... :thumbupleft: