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Sep 21, 2009
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I want to put carpet down in my Wagon; both in the front and the rear bed area. Does anyone have any experience with any of the carpet kits available on the internet? Quality of the kit? Maybe you've cut and installed your own??
Pictures, opinions and tips appreciated.

I really want to cut down the on the noise and heat in the cab to make driving it a little more pleasant. The carpet will be going over an "EZ Cool" insulation pad. Thanks.
My wagon has carpet done by the previous owner. He simply removed the wood strips which he bundled and gave to me and used house carpet over the rear floor, front floor and kick panels. It looks good, feels good and since I don't have the rear seats, things in the back stay put and my dog is comfortable back there. If you look in the gallery under "Old Willy" there's a couple pics that sort of show the carpet and may help.

Installation is easy as the floors are fairly flat. I like to use paper or thin cardboard that I can press into place and cut as templates for the carpet. Then just put the templates on the carpet, trace with chalk, cut and install. If you use glue use it sparingly and just in small areas or places where the carpet may shift. You can also use small screws with washers that will hold the carpet but disappear in the pile.

Automotive carpet will be more durable and probably look better than house carpet, but house carpet is cheaper and if it gets worn or stained you can just pull it out and get some new. However DO NOT use house carpet with a foam backing. The foam will rot, stick and make removal a real chore down the line.

Good Luck,
Old Willy
The previous owner had house carpet with a thin foam padding thru out my wagon. What a mess to clean out!!!!!
I am still in debate on wether or not I am going to use carpet or rhino liner on my floors. If I do use the carpet I will do the automotive carpet with the backing for insulation and noise reduction. True more expensive but a power washer works for cleaning and the sun dries it very well.
I saw those pictures Bill, thanks. I might just initially carpet the front floor area to see how much that improves the heat and noise; then decide on the rear area later. I'd like to keep the wood rails if possible, but if push comes to shove.... I want a quieter ride.
If you used a tight weave house carpet or an automotive carpet with short fibers, you could refinish the wood rails and put them on TOP of the carpet. That would solve the problem of fastening the carpet to the floor and give you the sound deadening you want.

I like the rails being gone because I get a nice flat floor that either me, the grandkids or the dog can crawl around on without getting the hard rails in the knees. And, as I said, I have the rails in case I want to pull the carpet and go with the original look.

Old Willy
Has anyone purchase a "carpet kit" for a Wagon? I've seen them offered by a couple of places on the net, but I'm suspicious about the fit and quality; not to mention the high price. That's what's really got me looking at a do-it-yourself option.

P.S., I don't think I'll go this route, but I'd also like to hear opinions on the rubber floor mats from Walcks, Kaiser Willys, etc. Big price difference between the two vendors.
I have seen the carpet kits out there too. Not sure about the quality and fitment either. I am going to be doing my firewall for sure with dynomat on mine, so I agree with wally on that. Will help a great deal.... I hadn't seen the rubber floor mat options but will go look.
Boat carpet works well, has rubber backing so it glues well to the Dynamat, cuts easily with sharp razor knife.
Good tip on the boat carpet. I have no doubt the Dynamat is a good product, but it's just too expensive for me. I'm going try the EZ Cool product with some carpet on top of that for starters and see how well that works.

For now I'm not even terribly concerned if my carpet install looks a little hack. I just want to make driving it more enjoyable. My budget for the whole deal, insulation and carpet is about $200. :mrgreen:
Sadly my budget got thrown out of the window.... Now I just keep tabs on what I spent so that when it's done I will have a semi-total for the whole project investment.
I think I have everyone beat: when I found my wagon, although all original elsewhere, it pink--yes, PINK--SHAG carpeting. Woo-hoo!

Good tip on the dynamat--thanks! Although I haven't had direct experience with wagon carpet (other than removing the pink shag), I have installed aftermarket kits in many other Jeep models with good results. Here is the most important part: no kit seems like it fits properly at first. I find it helps to unroll it, set it in place and park the Jeep in the sun for a day or so, install as best as you can, then use a hair dryer or other form of mild heat to help set it in place (or park in Arizona sun with windows up). Most kits will look like a factory install after that.