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Jun 26, 2010
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When you take out a 4cyl and put in a SB V8 what do you get? Cabin heat, enough to fry an egg. I'm kicking around ideas.

Exhaust wrap- next up on my to do list. Any tip or tricks from the pros on this?

Hood venting - I've seen the cut louvers and other top of hood inserts but I was thinking about side hood vents. Any thoughts?

Floor insulation top or underneath. What do you think?


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Sep 21, 2009
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OK, so yes, there's a reason for all that heat. They weren't meant to house V-8's. Look at vehicles with V-8's. The firewalls are slanted toward the back of the vehicle for the most part which creates a draw to pull that heat out of the engine bay. The Willys is pretty much flat, so all of that heat tends to circulate about. How about putting the correct engine in there instead of trashing the hood?? Ok, I tried.

You could always drop in a V-6 and avoid the heat issue. Those usually have enough power to crack the frames and tear up second gear in the T-90.

Be nice. The bottom line said "What do you think" :mrgreen:

Honestly, I just hate to see these things hacked up. Floor insulation/deflection underneath is your best bet to keep your tootsies cool.


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Mar 2, 2010
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Some well placed vents in the inner fenders could help draw air through the engine bay without being majorly obvious, or having to modify the hood. I am going to try this on mine if heat is an issue, but I doubt it will be with my L6. I also thought about putting them in the side of the hood. I would do it if I knew how to actually cut and bend the louvers myself, but I dont want to cut a big hole and install a whole vent assembly.

Also a LOT of vehicles use some sort of heat padding along the firewall. I second the recommendation to add some Dynamat or something comparable to the firewall and/or floors. That should help a lot.

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Oct 19, 2009
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On my '51 Wagon 2 WD with a SBC and AT... I had the Firewall lined with insulation and that's it...I never had a cabin heat problem....


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Aug 16, 2010
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This is a problem that was fought with Toyota Landcruiser V8 conversions for years. One big factor is inadequate airflow around the motor. Mount the engine as far from the firewall as possible for increased airflow and add as many louvres as you can. It helps a bunch. Insulating material, lizard skin, dynamat etc also helps a bunch.