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Apr 3, 2010
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I have a 1951 Wagon that has the original single reservoir master cylinder piped to what appears to be a vacuum booster with another master cylinder thats piped to the front and back brakes. This setup is mounted off the frame located under the drivers seat. A vaccuum line goes to the engine, the reservoir appears to be a rubber tube that protrudes through the floor into the space under the seat. At the end of the rubber tube is a rubber cup shaped deal - possibly a funnel of sorts for topping off fluid? The vacuum canister is similar to other boosters except there is no hole or rod at the end opposite the master cylinder - just a full cover. I can kind of picture how it works by using brake fluid to hydraulically operate the master cylinder rather than the rod thats normally used.
Can't see a manufacture and it doesn't look home made. I'd like to go through the thing and replace seals and pistons, etc.
Has anyone ever seen such a thing?
Sounds like you have a vacum booster and not mounted on the master. Didn't know any wagons had them. I had one mounted on the frame of my 46 dodge 1.5 ton fire truck which worked great but was also needed for the large vehicle, 13000 lbs GVW. If it's not stock I would take it off and re-line. My 59 & 60 wagon breaks work fine with a good master and wheel cylinders. I think the service manual shows the stock connections. Good luck!
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Check a previous post of mine....What is it? Anyone want it?
Brake booster made by Bendix Corp...South Bend, Indiana


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