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Feb 15, 2010
Antioch California
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So I got my wagon in 97 and i was a junior in high school and was told my peers in my auto shop class that the only to make my wagon go faster was to put a big motor in it. Well I ran off and joined the Marine corps for 8 years and am home now and i think I found a way cooler way of building some power with my wagon down the highway.
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Haven't seen one of those for a lot of years. One of my high school friends' father had a '54 Kaiser with the supercharged engine, it ran pretty well as I remember. Here's a link to Popular Mechanics, April 1954. Interesting article on the supercharged Kaiser engine on page 125. A lot of other interesting stuff along with it. ... &q&f=false
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McCulloch made superchargers for some of the Kaisers that used the same Continental 226 as Willys did. You see them every once in a while, but they're rare and expensive.
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Surfing around and found this post....THAT WAS AWSOME....COMPLETELY WICKED!!!!!! I want to see more.....
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Thanks everyone for the responses and the help posting the video. I am not the most computer savvy individual but I am getting better. I got this idea from an old hot roder from Hayward California. I had a good running 226 at the time so I started hunting around for information about the supercharged Kaiser. I scored a carb, 2 brl intake, the box do dad, the drive pulley, and some carb linkage for 300 bucks on "Evilbay".. I had just intended to run it with out the blower just some sort of a cold air kit kinda idea (I was hoping I could get cooler air from below the radiator). That never happened because I heard through the grape vine of people in the car world that someone had a blower for 200 bucks. So, I saved my lunch money and scored it. I was still short the blower mounting bracket, and I know there is some spicfic one just for the 226, but from the images I saw of it, I thought it was ugly. So I made one out of some plate, but I did buy a mount I found on "Evilbay" for the tensioned and it was like 20 bucks.

So what my plan is for building this jeep is to build it the way I would have wanted it built in 55 with access to every part in the Kiser Jeep inventory, so kind of a resto rod. I have the warn overdrive and the koning model 41 PTO (I believe its 41 its the twin stick for the utility vehicles not jeeps) heater, working am radio out of a 49 with dash plate (willing to trade for a 55 radio). I have the koning king winch, and the matching winch bumper as well. It appears you have to cut the grill to bolt it all up the way it was done from the factory, I am not going to do that. I have the 70's jeep self-adjusting breaks on her as well the dreaded rancho springs.... I did can the original wipers. I found an electric street rod kit that works well. I had to upgrade the fuel system with the blower. This is where I used off the shelf hot rod parts to get her to work. I have a holly red pump (way way to much pump) then Mallory makes a regulator that is vacuum operated and compensates for the rise in boost pressure.

Looking at some of the other project cars I have seen on this site I think I started with one of the cleanest body’s out there. I had to do the drivers side floor pan and some rust on the wheel arches, but that was about it. I do have to work on the drip rails, because some kid in high school rubbed her against a tree on both sides. I wonder who that was??? I just got my first house and my own garage that she fits in with 31" tiers. So, stay tuned more to come.
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Aw man... you did what I wanted to do. :) I thought I was going to be the first one hahaha.

I'm trying to located a dual outlet exhaust manifold from a later 20's Graham-Paige to go with a blower. Finding blower compenents for the old Kaisers is haaaaard. I've been looking for a while and can only come up with random bits and pieces.
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I have seen that crazy exhaust manifold on the car that some of my blower parts came off of. I think its still on the car it was in a wrecking yard kind place on "evilbay"that was located in North Dakota or Minnesota... Its all the same to us California poppies. I was going to make a header and new intake for a side draft weber, but I want to finish the sheet metal before I get to crazy. What are you missing, I see stuff from time to time I can keep a eye out??
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Updates on the cool huffer set-up?

Got to road drive it yet?
No not yet. I bought my first house and am still working on it. I have 3/4 of the body perfect so I have to get crack'n and get it done. I could always use help sanding if anyone wants to help??