Bellhousing bolts?


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Oct 23, 2009
Citrus Heights & Tahoe
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  1. Pickup
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  1. 1954
Pulled engine, tranny and case today.
Manual is not to explicite and this is my first Willys teardown.
How many bolts are there between 226 engine and clutch bellhousing?
Any secrets to separating the two?
Homewood, this is actually one goofy set up. There are three bolts. Unless you are able to slide a wrench between the flywheel and inner bellhousing you have some teardown to do. Here it is by the numbers.
1. Remove throw out bearing assembly from bell housing. There should be some safety wire in there holding the lock bolt in place. Take it all out.

2. Remove the bolts from the outer periphery of the clutch pressure plate from the flywheel. You will have to turn the crank over to get them all. Then remove the pressure plate and clutch disk.

3. Remove the nuts holding the flywheel on to the crank studs, then remove the flywheel by sliding it back and manipulating it off of the studs. I warn you; this is not as easy as it sounds. There will be a cloud of cuss words surrounding you, so be patient and diligent.

4. Once you have succeeded with that pull the screens off of the outside of the bellhousing (if they are still there) and you will then see the bolts holding the bellhousing to the block. Use a hefty ratchet with extension with socket to remove these bolts.

5. Sit back with a cold one and say *********** !! Could they have made it any more difficult?!! Then yer done. :)
At this point of the tear down, my frustration level makes me pick up the gas wrench and big hammer! I'm not good at reading directions.
Thanks for replies. Didn't seem like the top two bolts where enough....the Impala's Powerglide must of had 12....
The clutch/pressure plate and bottom cover/bolts all appear fairly recent as they are pretty clean. I was thinking of separating soley to clean and paint. The I think I'll forego the headache and clean/paint with bellhousing attached.
Yeh, if that's all you're after is a good cleaning leaving it assembled is the smart option. I really can't understand why they designed that thing like that. It's a nightmare.