Axle shaft thread repair??

Eric B

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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Any ideas on how fix a couple of bad threads on a rear axle shaft? At some point in time with it all apart the threads appear to have been booger with the grinder..... while apart. Gonna take a tap/die set home from work to see if it matches up. That should be a 1" shaft and about 14 tpi right?

Thanks in advance...

Eric a pic would sure help...that said grab yourself a small triangle file to shape up those threads. If you have access to a tap/die then you should be good to go.

I have seen an old timer take a nut the proper size and threads then torch it till it glows, quench it and use the nut which is now hardended to recut and straighten the threads. You want to do this with a spare nut and not the one you intend to use to attach the wheels... ;)
The axles I have in the garage are from a D44 rear axle that was on a '62 wagon, the threads are 1" X 14. I have a set of KD thread files that I have used over the years that work pretty well if the axle end is not badly deformed or out -of-round. Thread chasing tools are available from auto parts stores such as NAPA and industrial suppliers such as Grainger.
I got a pic of the axle shaft last night, but forgot the camera at the house this morning.
I attempted to start the die on the axle last night while cooking dinner on the grill and having a :beer: . I am gonna need to pull the drum back off to get a clear shot at it. This weekend will be the time to tear it down and attempt the repair.
Good news had the correct die for the right rear axle.
Got it repaired and the drum and all back on....