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Oct 31, 2009
Ellensburg Wa.
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My progress so far. I have bought a 84' Grand wagoneer for my new frame, suspension, PS, disc brakes, front and rear axles
Bought a 1988 F250 4 X 4 7.3 diesel ZF5 spd for motor though I am working on getting my old truck back from a bone yard that the guy I sold it to turned it in for cash for clunkers even though it didnt qualify. It is a 86 F250 6.9 C6 4 X 4 , I figure it will be a little easier to convert the auto than the 5spd. In the mean time I might have a few willys parts for sale as I start stripping it down for assembly.
At this time it has a 232 studebaker V8 3 spd that will be for sale, possibly the original seats although they are pretty rough from sitting for 15 years in a field, and basically all the stock running gear
The 7.3 L is a much better engine than the 6.9L.

There is a good market for them if you do decide to sell it though.
Acquiring parts is the one of the fun things during a project, it's the paying for them that hurts...I bought my Dana 44 axles, front and rear...'76 Scout II, now I have to buy all the parts to rebuild them...sounds as if you have the parts and the plan....good luck.
BioTex said:
The 7.3 L is a much better engine than the 6.9L.

There is a good market for them if you do decide to sell it though.

Not to cause a argument but in my opinion the only thing better about the 7.3 is the 1/2" head bolts, other than that they are virtually the same engine with a little smaller bore. I have owned both and have had much less problems with the 6.9. The 5 speed would be nice but the C6 is almost a bulletproof tranny and much easier to retrofit into the project
I have a 7.3L, have not owned a 6.9L, so I am not a true expert. All the ranchers I talk to about this all say the 6.9 was underpowered compared with the 7.3L. I can not attest to the durability. Was tha 6.9 a Navstar also? I live in Ford Country for sure. I would say 80% drive or own a Ford truck out here. Mine is an 97 F250 with 186,000 and going strong.
yours being a 97' is a powerstroke, the motors I am dealing with are IDI motors and non turbo (not yet at least) totally different motors There is a cavitation problem with the 7.3s which aeration in the coolant causes pinholes in the cylinder walls which does not occur with the thicker walled 6.9s...and yes the 6.9 is a navistar also