Any other springs bolt up to stock location?

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Oct 5, 2009
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Well after putting over a ton and a half of firewood in the back of my '62 PU, I climbed underneath and could see how shot my spring bushings and springs were in general. Mind you the truck only squatted about 2 inches in the back, but the bushings were non existent. I can also feel the rear end walking around a little bit if I get on a crappy road.

Long story short, I don't want to pay over a grand for the full suspension kit that Kaiser Willys wants when every other leaf sprung 4x4 in the world costs around 500 bucks for the same thing, give or take. (talking stock springs here, nothing special)

Are there any other springs for a different application that will bolt up to my pickup? Will CJ7/CJ8 springs work? I remember getting a Rough Country lift for my '49 CJ2A years ago and it was only 300 bucks. I know Rough Country makes pretty cheap leaf spring kits for a ton of different applications, and cheap too.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I think that rancho used to make a 2.5 inch lift for them. I called and they ( of course) no longer make one.

Not much help but at least you know 1 place not to look.
You need to measure your leaf spring: Here is how to do it CORRECTLY:

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Let us know if this works out for you...
Aside from paying the big bucks for proper springs, those Rancho's are often found on ebay. I just saw a set about 3 weeks ago. Rancho doesn't make them any more but call all of your 4X4 shops and you might get lucky. I've had two sets over the years. They are thick and stiff and ride like tree trunks, but they do lend themselves well for a nice stance with 33's.
Thanks for the replies everyone!

I'll keep my eyes peeled on ebay for a set. It's not a huge emergency. I do have a rolling chassis from a wagon that someone gave me for 20 bucks last year. I guess I could look at the springs on that thing. I just hate to go through all that work to replace a wore out spring with a wore out spring LOL... and I know my luck.