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Oct 31, 2009
Ellensburg Wa.
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Great site and I cant wait to participate...
My name is Brian, I am from central Wa. state I just aquired a 1954 wagon that had been sitting at my gf dads farm for the last 15 years. As she sits it has a 289? studebaker v8 in it, I am thinking I am going to attempt to install a Ford 7.3 idi diesel as I have access to a great donar vehicle to play with, It has the standard rust in the floor boards,lower doors and wheel wells but that shouldnt be to much of a problem. My biggest challenge will be the 3" of bondo someone has put on the roof where it looks as though a tree had fallen on it. I will post pics of the progress from start to finish. Glad to be here
Sounds to me your lucky...excellent project and a donor vehicle plus a girl friend that approves of your hobby and knows of the sickness you it doesn't get much better. Take lot's of pictures...from start to finish...I hope you took a pic when it was just yard art.
I wish I had your yard art....nice looking Wagon....a diamond in the rough for sure. I appreciate you taking the time and posting your photo's...nice way to document a project as well.