Another Fender install question


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Oct 23, 2009
Citrus Heights & Tahoe
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  1. 1954
Just got all my parts back from painter and planning the put it back together effort. Bought truck with body disassembled so this will be a teachable moment for sure.
Should I put any felt/rubber between body parts?
Seems like I should use fine thread bolts/nuts?
Any other hints?
Cab to frame mounting...rubber spacer between cab and frame but only springs on under side?

There are felt kits for putting between body and fender and for the front and back of the hood. All the parts will fit without them but you may have some panels moving, making noise, and rubbing the paint where they meet up.

All the factory mounting bolts were fine thread.

The body mounts are usually just the rubber or urethane bushing and washers top and bottom. None of mine have had the springs under them, and the 63 wagon was all origional. But they may have changed some things by then.
On my '62 pick-up, on the front cab mounts, I used a piece of rubber , cut from the side wall of an old tire and used a regular grade 5 nut and bolt. On the rear cab mounts, my springs were shot, so I went by a cylinder head shop and matched the remains of my springs to some of their used valve springs. They gave me the four springs I needed and I installed them with new grade 5 bolts and large washers. I used ny-loc nuts to secure instead of lock washers.
For body mounts I purchase a set of urethane CJ jeep body mounts. There are as many mounts an a CJ as on a wagon and they sell sets for CJ type jeeps. My truck cab is setting on a set of them also and everything lined up.