And so begins the Willys coming outta the wood work


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Jun 15, 2010
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OK I'm guessing this is normal. Finally got the truck where it can be seen as I have been working on cleaning up the shop from the engine teardown and had a few Gentlemen approach me. First one offered me a truck as pictured below. I went looked and payed for it just normally don't have a car haul trailer as I borrow this from my neighbor. So I will be headed down in a couple of weeks to bring it home. The other two offered me for free CJ's. Haven't seen them yet they said if I want them come haul them off. First one is a CJ3. The other he claims is a military GPW. So here I am starting to pile up more things then I have time to work on. The truck looks like it is in better shape then my current one but my current one is in pieces. I'm stealing the drivetrain, steering and suspension out of the truck as my current trucks gears don't match. gonna roll the spare axles under it for now and eventually let my son have it for his 8th birthday. Gives him an incentive to get workin on it. For those that say thats to young he is still 7 turns 8 in July. He has already been out welding cutting and rebuilding components with me in the shop. He is absorbing it like a sponge and wants more. So I think if i tell him it's his he will continue picking my brain and we will build his and mine together. I hate to steal the drivetrain out of it but at the same time I hate not having spares around when I need them. This will tell you how bad I am about this. I got a complete Drivetrain sitting in my shop for my 97 grand cherokee. spare axles, engine, trans, transfer and driveshafts just in case. Used to call it combat spares in the army. For those that may have missed it the one currently trying to get in the shop is an old railroad truck. I'm noticing it is harder to find so I'm keepin that one. I guess the big question here is how many of you when your Willys became visable to the world started having them come out of the wood work to find you like this?


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When it got around that I was going to build one, EVERYONE knew where I could find one sitting back in the brush or rotting away in a fence row. On a couple occasions I was even told something like "I've got one. Dunno if there's anything good left. If you can get it out of there, you can have it." (see my build for the worst offender)

Spare parts are always a good thing. I say, Keep Collecting!
I get told of all the ones for sale within about 50 miles by quite a few people. I keep having to turn them down as I don't have the room for piling them up and don't have the time to strip them.
Good find.

Good luck with getting the rest of your parts together from multiple donors.

I wish I saw more of them in the southeast, but it seems the major market for selling the 4x4 Wagons and Pickups was Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Northern Califorina...At least that is where I see many for sale. Good Luck on your project!
Wish that was the problem here in Iowa. Not to many left in these parts. Some one close to me in this part of the country has some just yell my direction! ccaappyy
Yeah they do come to you. I had at one time 3- CJ2A, 5-Pickups, a Station Wagon, a Surrey, a-FC-170, a Willys MB.I rebuilt 1 CJ2A,1-55 Wagon, and 1- 59 DJ3A as a Surrey.My property looked like a jeep junk yard. Then we moved to this subdivision and built a new log home and the property owners association will not let me keep old vehicles on the property so I sold all but two the 55 wagon and the Surrey which I still have. Best regards Fred
Good call Jeff. That's how I obtained my second Willys. A guy knocked on my door and said he'd been noticing my pick up and asked me if I wanted a wagon. I said hell yeh, but I can't afford it. He said, it's free for the taking. In fact, he towed it to my place free of charge. Of course my first (the pick up) had to be sold, so I could play with the second. That one was foolishly sold (against my wife's advice) for a mandatory move and I eventually found my current wagon burried in a guys backyard. Gotta love it, huh. :D