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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
Willys Model
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The 51 is getting real close to be fit for the hiway.Just have to put in the new windshields when the slow local glass shop cuts them.Got the new plastic fuel tank in,and what a knife fight that was.In the past this truck had the rear crossmember over the axle cut out and a new piece was welded back in.The truck had a PTO shaft when I got so maybe that's why? Anyway ,the crossmember was in the way of the gas tank.I cut it out,made a new one and welded it in.What a pain in ass.But it's done.
Here I am bombing around our property,made a quick illegal pass down the road and back.Nothing fell off and no huge puddles of liquid,so that's good.
Excellent... :beer: :beer: :beer:

Truckedup said:
Nothing fell off and no huge puddles of liquid,so that's good.

Are you sure it's a willy's with a description like that? :lol:
Isn't that a great feeling? Except for the realization that now things get really expensive... :D
Oh Man oh man...doesnt it make you feel great???...I am really close too to getting mine ready. I am still waiting for new rear leaf springs. Then maybe some car insurance and we'll take her for a ride....As I once was told "Keep it greasey side down and shiney side up"..contgrats on your almost finished status ..keep us in the loop on how the first legal ride goes... :D
I suppose it's now ready for the road.Got the new glass installed,front springs ,brake lights,directional signals and other minor stuff you should have.Even the stupis cable wipers now work ok.Mounted the tires myself on cleaner wheels with a rattle can paint job.Tomorrow it's off to the DMV...
The spare wheel now has rubber on it :D The Willy is now road legal and we drove around about 50 miles on Thursday night.Compared to my solid 50 Chevy 1/2 ton pu,the Willy is, slower,noiser,rides about the same,brakes about the same,steers a little easier and suprisingly the Willys seems to handle better.We can get most anywhere within reason on 45 mph back roads here,perfect for the WillysThe transfer case leaks a little,the engine doesn't leak anything,yet ! I noticed the oil filter mount was cracked,removed it ,welded,re installed.The front diff leaked a bit,my bad job of sealing it,better job this time.
Tomorrow I replace both front springs and shackles.The cracked side windows are out,one is at the local glass shop for a pattern cut.Pulled out the vent windows,removed the glass from the driver's vent to weld the broken pivot stud.Painted what needs to be painted and of course spent bucks on all new rubber stuff.
Sounding good. Put up a picture when you get a chance so we can appreciate it also. :)