A Merry Willys Christmas to All!!

Merry Christmas,
My keys where officially handed over as the wagon was called my gift. I was also surprised with a "Willys of America" catalog/restoration guide..... That thing is full of info... But still gonna stick around here for the fun stuff....
Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa brought me new set of racheting cobination wrenches and a cordless drill :thumbup:
Love motorcycles too! Since we are on the subject of bikes and movies.........Have you ever seen the movie "worlds fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins? I thought it was s pretty cool movie and it is based on a true story.
Worlds Fastest Indian was a great movie! We have an Indian dealer about 20 minutes from the house, I like looking around, but I won't pay 32k for a bike.
Tried my keys today.....
Have no crank no fire condition..... :eek: Forgot I was tearing it apart... But was still nice to make sure all the locks are working still.... :thumbupleft:

Need some volunteers to help take the body off and set on the side of the house till ready for the body portion of rebuild.... Any takers???

I pay with :beer: and pizza....
June might be too late. Patience will have worn out by then. But more than welcome to stop by shoot the breeze in the garage and enjoy a beer. I'll even buy.....