A/C Compressor used as a Air Compressor

Sparky Powers

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Jul 18, 2010
Las vegas, NV
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I have heard something about being able to convert your vehicles A/C compressor into an On Board Air Compressor. Has anyone out there tried doing this conversion? I can see how it could work but I also know that Freon also acts as the lubricant for the A/C compressor in normal use. So how would you keep the system lubricated when using it as an Air Compressor? Not only that but can they create enough CFM's to be trail worthy? My engine is a 2005 GM 5.3 (with a serpintine belt) if that helps.

Side question. What size air tank would I need for this application? My intension for this On Board Air System is mainly to re-inflate my tires after a day on the trail.


Yes I use one one on my wheeling rig works great. Old york compressors are the most commonly used, do a google search for york on board air conversion.
seen quite a few people do a/c to on board air on jeepforum com
Yea I have one on my wheeling rig as well, the Yorkshire are great since they have an externle oiler not freon oiled. I use a sandin it was a easy bolt on for my engine. I use a air tool oiler befor the pump to oil it, and I use a 3 gal on air tank

I also installed a hand throttle to I can set my idle to 1700rpms for a faster refil, with this set up I fill my tires and run my impac gun when changing tires and I can use my air ratchet but I really need a bigger air tank since it uses so much air oh and it also powered my air horns! Love them.

Let me know if you want more in-depth info or pics
Thx for all you imput and help. I have a Sanden A/C compressor on my engine so I'm going to stay with it vs. a York. I can't believe how simple the conversion sounds. Now I got to figure out where to mount my tank. Thx again.