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Oct 13, 2009
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I bought this wagon about a year ago. It has a 258 amc 6 with a weber carb. Motor was bored .30 over and rebuilt. It also has a has a chevy hei distributor. The transmission is a Jeep T18 4 speed with Spicer Model 18 Transfer case and a Borg Warner O/D . The interior needs work and a little rust work on the drivers door and passengers rocker panel. Floors are solid in all it is a good driver thats in need of piant work and some wiper and door adjustment. But I'm driving it and mending the small issues as i go along. It could use a good hood mine looks as if it flew open at one time and is a bit wavy. If there is any one within a hour or two drive that has a good hood and drivers door and needs parts I would be willing to trade as I have lots or extras. I live on Long Island, New York. Thanks, Ben
Great to have ya here on the forum...I'm working on a '62 Wagon as well...pieces skattered in 3 buildings and in 2 state counties. I just viewed your pictures and it look's real nice...to much to do but enjoy the ride!
Welcome to the forum... great looking wagon!

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Hey Ben

Another New Yorker. I am lovin life from this end. And a Willys guy to boot. I am always looking for parts. Actually trying now to find another cab with doors and hood and grill to build a Rat Rod Willys.

Welcome from upstate NY; where snow rules the roads for monthes.

Hello there... that is a very good looking wagon you have there - very similar to mine (even same colour). I noticed from one of the pictures that the wagon seems to be higher off the ground than in the other side shot.... did you replace the springs?

I'm very curious about your T18 4 spd as that is an upgrade I'd love to do. Your "cane shifter" - could you post a picture of where it comes out of the floor? If I add a T18 in place of my T90 3 spd, the adaptor will move the transmission back about an inch and the second adaptor will move the transfer case back even more. I'm trying to find out what the new positions of the parts will be and whether it is worth the bother.


Pavel on the other side of N. America