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Oct 13, 2009
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Hello everyone I bought a 62 Wagon a few months ago. The upper cowl was replaced with an earlier one that has a split windshield. This thing needs some sorting out. The clutch linkage was a nightmare because the previous owner had installed a 232 six in place of the original 4. It turned out to be a simple fix I used a Chevy rocker arm ball so the linkage would pivot without binding. It works great, I also used a threaded rod for the adjuster and added a pair of nuts for adjustment and locking down the shaft. Now all I have to do is figure how to get the O/D to work.
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I forgot to add that I'm retired and live on Long Island N.Y. As soon as I sort out what parts I won't need I will have a bunch of parts to sell.
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Welcome! I have a 63 as well that I picked up over the summer. "Needs some sorting out" is a good politically correct description, mine falls in that category too. Post up some pics when you get a chance, I'm sure everyone would like to see it.
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Welcome...glad you found this forum, as others have before us....have you flagged yourself on members map?