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Jan 28, 2011
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I have a 62 wagon 4X4 that has been in my family since the mid sixties. My father was the second owner.
It appeared to be "stock" when he bought it. I have been tinkering with it off and on, making a few mechanical
and cosmetic improvements. (keeping it original)
I decided to try and find a replacement reflector on the roof rack as one side is broken. ( see attached images)
After starting what I thought would be an easy to find item by using the good ol' Internet, not only did I draw a blank
on my search's but seemed to open up a bigger can of worms about the roof rack. What I believe to be either an o.e.m part
or a dealer add on still eludes me. I have looked at hundreds of images of wagons both older and newer, searched hi and low
on Willy's and Jeep web sites and have yet to see or confirm another rack like this.
This is the first time I had ever made a online post about this but figured if anyone could help it would be the Willy's
enthusiasts. I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out on this one.



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First of all...Welcome to the Forum!!! Now that you know how to post with pictures (which we all love to see because most of us here can't read :lol:
I've had the illness of enjoying the Willys from the time I started to enjoy the automobile. It wasn't until I bought my first wagon 15 years ago ('51) that I put my efforts into Willy's personally. I'm in the process of rebuilding a '62 Wagon now...oh what fun I'm having, both here on the forum and my project. The point I'm trying to make is...I believe the roof rack was either a dealer add on, but more than likely added after the new style wagon was introduced...try looking at later models of Jeep Wagoneers.
Post spme more pic's of your ride.... :cheers:
Welcome to the forum Leland... That's a very cool roof roof rack, but I don't think I have seen one like it on a Willys before.

Hello Leland:

I've never seen your "screwed-to-roof" style rack on another wagon and would guess that it is not a factory option. But who knows.

Our '65 wagon has the same roof design as yours with those crosswise ridges (designed to give support?). I am a bit amazed that anyone would put a roof rack on a Willys wagon roof unless there was some kind of strengthening from underneath. Our roof is very easily buckled and so I only attach a roof rack to the gunwales.

Is your headlining still in place? If not, is there some kind of strengthening sheet metal? If the head lining is there, can you see any evidence that it was removed or that something was added above the lining?

I will add a rack to our wagon when I hopefully install a sunroof one day but will have to add some serious support to the roof. Here is a picture of what a VW bus 'roof strengthener' would look like if added under the roof:


I have not seen a rack like that though I have not seen as many wagens as many people here. I thought it looks cool and it is a part of your wagen no matter who built it. I think you could get somone who machines plastic to mill copys of the one you have. Make 2 so they look the samw and put away the other one in the hopes of finding a orional replacement.

Welcome to the forums. Looks like an aftermarket rack, is there anyplace where there may be a makers name cast in, like maybe the uprights that are screwed down? or on the reflector itself?
Hi Leland,
Cool rack you have there. Mine is different but a similar idea. With the help of the forum we established that my example was an optional item. Good luck finding any additional info.[attachment=1:3nbxj0qh]100_1901.JPG[/attachment:3nbxj0qh]


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