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Apr 4, 2010
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ok got a great welcome to the forum, im getting ready to jump in head first on my sons 61 wagon,, will psot pics of it soon , wellas soon as figure out how to haha
i know im going to need the windshield frame for sure , so if u know where a good one is let me know, also infor mation on brakes would be a great help,, the engine is a 350 chevy and fourspeed is all chevy so im pretty familiar with it .... but have no expeirience with the willys brakes ,, so throw ur info at mee il take any sugestions i can get and thanks for all the info ahead of time .... thanks again hootyone
Russell, When you say window frame - are you refering to the trim inside, or are talking about cutting and welding the body?

If it's the body, my guess is you'll have to buy a donor vehicle cheap (which i'm sure you already have thought of), but if it's the inside trim, your best bet is to keep an eye on the other boards.
and so on.
Welcome aboard Russel :cheers:

Have fun look around here and you may find you want to change axles or do an upgrade to disc..both are fairly straightforward or just rebuild what you have...not the best for a V-8
And remember we all love photos :thumbup:
gona need the outside frame that holds window in place , thats realy the worst part of the whole wagon the rest will be easy repairs, the axles were swapped out to chevy but are drum brakes in the front would like to swap out to disc brakes , i heard a blazer from 68 to 90 will swap in axles , and those are plentiful. any sugestions on putting power steering?
The most common power steering is the saginaw pavel6 has a good write up of his change over.
I am working on doing an early CJ style conversion with Herm the overdrive guy using the Ford set up he offers.

Just start doing some searches and you will find a bit of info on here.

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