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Apr 4, 2010
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I just purchased a 1961 wagon for my son on his 15th bday, He had the choice of a perfect running 97 3/4 ton chevy 4x4. Im so proud he picked the willys, any ways dont want to bore yall with those details.. Hope i can ask u fellows for advice and tips ,, it already has the chevy motor a 350 and a chevy four speed so we are good there, the brakes are what concern me and finding some body parts the front windshield has rust will want to fix or replace with new metal
are these window frames available? will post pics later .. thanks again Hootyone
Hooty - congratulations on raising a Willys son!, I'm proud of him as well and look forward to the rebuild future. Yes there are plenty of us on here that can provide window frames...some guys have donor vehicles for parts just keep reading some post and email them. If I can help in your son's project in anyway, feel free to ask. Now you have to post lot's of pictures of your Willys and son here.
Congrats. On 2 things.
1. getting a project to enjoy with your son
2. having a son that shows respect for the classics. :D

As Kevin said you'll find more info than you may want (good thing) and plenty of part hoarding willy fans here..... I am sure the board can get you pointed in the right direction for anything you may or may not need......

Glad you are here and have a young'un that has an interest in the old ones.

Obtaining the window frames is fairly easy either from some of our sponsors or some of the members with spares... ;)
hootyone67 said:
I just purchased a 1961 wagon for my son on his 15th bday

Welcome to the forum Russell-

My dad bought me my first ride when I was 14, a '53 Chevy pickup... Lots of memories of great father son time. Still have the truck 28 years later, and drive it daily in the summers.

Welcome! I hope my son shows interest when he is 15. ( 11 now).
Welcome and great job...
Don't know where your located, but I have a 60 wagon in Utah that I'm parting out ....it has a good front cowl, window.
I'm still trying to attach photos.
May need some help :lol: :lol: :lol:
Says I have too many pixels??? help