55 Wagon 4X4 with a MoPar swap?


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Mar 7, 2010
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Hey there!

Just about to pick up a 55 Wagon 4X4 that I have been eyeballin' for about a year. No engine/trans, but has Chevy mounts installed. I am not a Chevy guy (not that thats a bad thing), and would like to put a small block MoPar engine into this Willys. Is this swap possible? I have no idea what trans to use (727 or 904) or??? Tell me that I am not crazy. I'm not too knowledgable on the whole 4X4 thing. Any and all help would be super!!!


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Heck ya...put the Mopar in her....buy a donor for engine, tranny, transfer case....might swap axles as well getting disc brakes......nothing wrong with a Mopar.....snatch that Wagon up!
Im gearing up to install a rebuilt Mopar Magnum in my recently purchased wagon. Novak has been really helpful

http://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/mo ... _block.htm

Theyve got conversion motor mounts too. You can use a 727 style auto/44re/44rh/46re for autos, or a NV3550 manual, Im not sure about pre OBDII manual trannies though.

I am installing a 96 318 magnum with 44RE and dana 300 in my wagon. Should be a pretty simple swap in my truck because it already has the firewall sectioned and a V8 installed, but thanks to Novak's parts, it should make the swap easier to do start to finish. Theyve also got a lot of good info on their site about swapping engines into Jeeps.
When dealing with a rig this old I think it makes no diff what you chose. What is IMPORTANT is that you pay caution to matching components and electrics. The newer the donor the more important this will be. Starting in the very late 60's there were some emissions stuff. After '86 the anti was upped in electronics and past the late 90's it starts to become VERY important to match the components so as things work properly...

I would suggest you look at the MOPAR crate engines most of which are aimed at pre-'76 year installs.