53 Wagon on 80 Blazer Chassis


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Oct 12, 2009
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[album:1r596ioz]684[/album:1r596ioz][album:1r596ioz]679[/album:1r596ioz][album:1r596ioz]681[/album:1r596ioz]I figured that it was time I should post my build. I have made a lot of progress since I up-loaded pictures at my introduction and thought that I should share. I have finalized many of the major additions/changes to the stock components after many test fittings and repeated measuring then re-measuring only to find something did not look very good or interfered with a piece that could not be modified.
I decided to use as many components off of a 1989 G20 Conversion Van with a TBI 350 and 700R4 as I could as they were in good shape. The transmission was rebuilt and a 4X4 main shaft from Advance Adapters was used so I could bolt up a NP 205. The steering column, computer and wiring are also from the van.
The Blazer frame required a few modifications; moving the engine cross member back 5.5 inches and making new body mounts. Since the Blazer axles are wider I decided to use 17" wheels with a 6.0 back spacing. This required high steer because the tie rod ends connected to the stock 10 bolt steering arms would not clear the wheels. I used a Reid Racing passenger side knuckle and Branik high steer arms for H1 rims. I used a GM 2000 4X4 steering box and Scout II pitman arm relocated to the inside of the boxed front frame rails. I removed the factory front cross member and made up a new one from c-channel and located it at the front spring hangars.
Ditto on whats happening....from the pic's it looks like you know what you are doing and we can all learn from this build....keep posting the pic's 53willyswgn !!! New metal, sure is fun to see it.
It's been difficult to make much progress but I have some update photos that I will post soon.