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Charles Givens

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Dec 18, 2010
Monroe Georgia
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Hello Willys Enthusiasts’
I am the proud owner of a mixed bag Jeep Delivery As it is today a 49’ body titled as a 59’ sitting on a 55’ 4wd chassis and dog house front end. I’ve completely rebuilt the L6 226 with “All” new parts except the carburetor. I hope to solicited help form this forum in the future as I continue the rebuild.
Welcome to the forum Charles-

Sounds like an interesting start. What are your plans with it? Original resto? Mod resto? Look forward to pictures and progress. Welcome.
Welcome aboard. Looking forward to pics and more info on your project.
WELCOME...another Georgian!!! I believe there is now 3 of us and it's your turn to be President of our unique club of three, congratulations Mr. President...by the way, no dues, few if any meetings, we all take turns being Prez....
I'm trying to get this posting thing learned and this is the first time I've been on a forum. I've had my truck about two years and spent an a lot and lots of money on the 226. which is now nearly the way I want it. My plans go along a time line with my budget a little at a time. in the future the carter 1 barrel carb will come off and be replaced with a Holley 2300 500 cfm 2 barrel. As much as I would like keep it the current 4wd chassis it's just not gonna be sutable for my needs so I'm looking strongly at doing a S10 2wd swap for handeling and road ability adding power steering brakes ac and automatic transmission All this will take time but in the end my plans are to do the full streatch of Route 66 (whats left of it)
The pictures I have are currently too large to upload will have to find a converter to fix that problem

Mi pics
http://s832.photobucket.com/albums/zz24 ... %20Willys/