19th Annual Spring Midwest Willys Reunion


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1960
I'm hoping to make it to this. Anyone planning on going. The speaker they have really would be fun to see; Moses is a legend in the Jeeping world. Cincinatti area is only about 6 hours from me at normal highway speeds. Maybe about 10 at Willys wagon highway speed...probably going to have to trailer it. Guess I better get a trailer ordered soon :)
I'm looking forward to going again this year. We trailered the 59 Maverick down there last year. Was able to pick up a few parts that I needed at the swap meet. Lots of nice Willys, Last years featured vehicle was the Empire tractor. We meet a Great bunch of people. The banquet was a lot of fun and educational.
I won't be able to come this year because of my work schedule, but I encourage everyone to consider it - especially if you are new with your Willys. There were a lot of great people there and I got a lot of information that would have been difficult to find out otherwise. It was especially helpful for me to see examples of what was stock (mine has accumulated some years of mods - some that need correcting) and other things people have done.

This is a great group, but I know they also need volunteers to help with the program logistics (where to park and so on), so consider spending a little of your time volunteering as well.