1964 willys pickup frame off


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Dec 12, 2010
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Here's my barn farm. It was in storage for the last 15 years It's in decent shape, the engine ( 230 OHC) was rebuilt a couple years ago but was only used for 100 miles.It only need a few gasket and a carb job. The body is in decent shape.. small hole in the driver floor pan section and driver cab corner.
The bed floor is perferct so is the tailgate and head board. The side panel will need a bit of cutting and welding. It's an 99% original truck ( bumper and paint is not). I intend to do full frame off rebuilt and leaving it as original as I can.

here it is when a brought it home



Nice find! As a preservationist I am glad to hear you plan to keep it original. Looks like a great starting point for that as well. I like the mods some folks do with their trucks, but it is also good that some be kept as they were. Willys is an important part of world history. Good luck with your restoration.
Welcome to the forum, nice truck!

Looks like a great start. I am also a fan of sticking with original if possible, ie all original parts are there already and relatively salvageable. I would rather not see complete, all original vehicles modded out, but each to his own. That being said, there are some fantastic modified vehicles on this site that are seriously nice and I certainly would love to see.
Great find!!!! Keep us posted and welcome to the forum.

I will agree with some of the others on here that it's great to hear you are going original..... I wish I had been lucky enough to find an original driveline and go from there, but I will take what I got and make the best of it.

The only thing I find in barns is "old poop"...you found a nice project and the color is PERFECT !!!
Well I spent the last 3 days woring on the truck :thumbup: , It took the bed of the frame and the gas tank to see the frame. Well suprise it's in really good shape, only one minor repair to be done near the midle crossmember. Now it was time to check what's under the paint... oops crapy body work, tones of bondo with ugly welded patch over rusted panel. It was time to cut everything out and weld new 16 gauges panel. The side pocket were in bad shape so I had to cut and weld those too after removing them from the bed ( darn spot weld :lol: ). Everything went well with the cutting and welding. It's almost ready, it still need some grinding, and welding the side pocket to the bed. I will paint the underside of the pockets with Por-15 and some Zinc weld tru primer on the bed section to help with futur rust.

here are a few pics








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Looking good. Surprising there is that much rust on one part of the frame and the rest is OK. Hope you have someplace inside to work on it Canada can get chilly this time of year.
my guess for the rusty part of the frame is, there's a leaking fuel line that dripping in the corner. With the sand inside, it's a trap for moisture.

It's my 4th frame of over the past few years and all of them were done in God's garage.. I'm working in the Tempo with a 60 000 BTU heater this year. I feel lucky as the other years I had nothing :roll: . The small parts I can do them inside in the workshop, but most of it will be done outside.
Great looking truck to start your resto on. Too bad thee is a bunch of bondo, but with your great attitude, it will be good as new in no time. It's rare to see a 64 too. Enjoy the journey and keep us posted with lost of pics.

Does the motor and drivetrain work well?
the engine was rebuilt before storage 15 years ago, it only have 100 miles on it. It will need a few gasket change and carb rebuild. The drivetrain
is also in great shape, a simple refreash on the brake and it should be good. The engine and drivetrain condition made me buy this one ;)
did not do much in last few days... Por-15 on the back of the pocket with weld tru primer over the patch. Welded the pockets back on. And did a test with the body filler over por-15... this is it !




I might do a bit more next weekend :cheers:
More was done in past few days on the Bed, finished sanding and grinding, all the welding was done. degreased and painted the underside with gloss black tractor paint. All side panel received 2 coats of rust bullet. I will leave it that wait until the reste of the body work is done, so I can paint all parts togeter. These are not the best shots but my space is pretty small, to much snow to work outside :roll:



Started to work on the cab not much but, doors, seats, fenders are out started removing all dash parts.


Nice progress so far....

Dash parts are always fun.... You always find something interesting in there. :shock: What was someone thinking!!!!

Keep it up.
Double OUCH on the frame rust...and I like the fact you are keeping it original...I like stock and custom. But if I bought a stock vehicle that no one molested, I would keep it stock. The Wagon I bought had been vandilized with a poor job of installing a SBC, which didn't matter to me, because I planned on modernizing it and keep it stock looking. You have agreat find and I have no doubt that it will look super great in the months to come, besides you don't have anything to do in the winter but stoke the heater with wood and watch Hockey Night in Canada!...lol
snow is starting to melt :thumbupleft: things should go faster in the next weeks. Finished removing all the dash parts and steering column. Then flip the cab over to look at it from under :shock: . Had to clean 1/2" of old crap to see something. Things are not looking so good from close up ! passenger floor is shot so are the rockers and front corner. Driver rear cab corner is rusted out. The PO welded some patch over the old rust, it only got worst, what was he thinking ?

here's the floor after removing all the crap

driver side with floor brace removed


rear cab corner


passenger side hole in the floor