1963 Wagon (It's in the driveway!!)


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Feb 27, 2011
Springfield, Vermont
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She's home!! Left the house at 3:00 this morning, got back at 5:00 P.M. About 400 miles roundtrip. Couldn't get any pics at home, by the time it was unloaded and the Uhaul trailer was returned it was dark. But here she is waiting to board the ferry back to the mainland. The pics don't do it justice. I'll have some good closeup shots tomorrow.
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You are no longer a "wannabe"....you are offically "Willys Wagon Nuts" and it appears to be a keeper. 400 miles makes a long day, so you shouldn't have much trouble falling asleep...dreaming of driving your Wagon around town. Go pinch yourself, you are not dreaming....you did it!
If the pics don't do it justice then it is a great looking find, because it looks good in the pics. Looking forward to pics of the condition it is in.
Right on! I might be wrong, but I think you might be the only wagon here in Maverick Trim...

Looking forward to more pics

Congratulations! Welcome to the fun of the owners club. Your wagon looks great. What island was it living on before you brought it to the safety of the mainland? Hope you had a fun day heading out to pick her up. :D I love adventures like that.
Congrats!!! :cheers:

Looks like a great find and it does appear to be a Maverick edition from the trim on it. That being the case it is the 1st of it's kind on the forum that I know of. :thumbup:

Eric B
The wagon has been living on the far east end of Long Island, I think on a vineyard. The mileage of 40,000 mi. appears correct. All the lights and electrics work. Wipers, radio, and heat/def. also. I put some fresh gas and Star-tron in the tank and it's already running better. It appears to just be an all original survivor. I took some more shots this morning. Drove it around to wake up the neighbors. Not really sure what Maverick means. The gold colored grille looks original. The speedometer/dash look different, too.
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Congratulations GreenMtnMan!

She looks very good indeed. The Tornado engine should pull really well (I really like those engines). I note that the plug wires are hanging very close to the exhaust manifold... hope they are not touching.

That is certainly a nice looking wagon you've got there. Maverick was a trim package that Willys offered. The double chrome trim down the sides was part of the package. I'll say that the different looking dash is a part of that package as well. My '62 2wd has a similar looking dash, has the Maverick trim on the sides as well. My grill however matches the rest of the body color, but that may have changed with the model years. Maybe someone here knows for sure. Could be interesting information to try and document if no one has it already.
Here is a shot of the dash. There are numbers on the speedometer which must show speed in K.P.H.?? It also has back up lights which appear to be vintage. The switch is on the far left side of the dash.
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Hi Green Mtn Man, Congrats you have the makings of a very good Willys. I have all the manuals for a 55 wagon and many of them show facts about all yrs models if I can help I will be glad to Fred
James Garner the star of the popular western TV show, Maverick 1957-1960, was a spokes person for Willys...the Maverick trim was to represent the show. His stage name was Bret Maverick...a man's - man, western gambler... During the Korean War he received a Purple Heart. He later played Jim Rockford on TV...Rockford Files.
The back up lights ( in my opinion) were not an option, but added by the owner for snow plowing at night.
Nice find!
Hi Green Mtn. Man Thought you might like this page It's down at bottom of page [attachment=0:2mgxj8ew]scan0001.pdf[/attachment:2mgxj8ew]Fred


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Wow, what a nice find!! Heehee, I'm still excited over MY new purchase and find myself feeling jealous of yours! Looks like original paint? Truly looks to be in amazing condition. Congratulations!
You have a "rare" Maverick indeed. I say rare, because all Mavericks listed from 1961 to 1964 are coded as 4X2 models. Yours is obviously a 4X4 model. I've never seen documentation for that. Might be worth some researching to you later on, to see what was going on.
Very nice Wagon.
Wow that ride sure looks good. Makes my 53 look pretty spartan with no heat and aftermarket turn signals. Welcome to the club. :cheers:
Love your wagon! The maverick trim is priceless! It's the first maverick 4X4 I've ever heard of! I also noticed that the license plate holder is in the center of the tail gate; on my '63 it's off to the left.
* I think we all would be interested in knowing if the back up lights are original. Let us know if they seem factory installed, or added on by a previous owner.

Great Find!!! You will enjoy it!