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Apr 4, 2010
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My son and his 1st vehicle 61 willys, bought it for 1400 dollars, ive already been offered double , umm sorry not for sale


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Alright there it is together.
Let's take it apart and then put it back together now.... :thumbup:
Hey that looks nicer than some stuff I have paid more for. :oops: Good luck with it. Should be a lot of fun. :D
Very nice, that doesn't look like a bad deal. Are you guys going for a restore or just getting it running and driving? I'd drive the hell out of it just like that.
plan on getting it running and work on it for the next year , lil at a time piece by piece , im matching him 2 for 1 every dollar he puts in il put in two, Thatts the plan but im sure i will want to put more into than he does just cause im a car nut lol.
Great, is it all original? The wheels are fine but I like the rest as Willys as you can get it. Have fun!
$1,400 and a son who likes a Willys Wagon....priceless! Nice find and great kid!!!!!! I'll call you Mr. Lucky.