1954 Aero Ace with shifter problems


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Oct 13, 2021
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  1. 1954
I posted this in the main new members thread, but I thought I would put it here too...
I have come into possession of a 1954 Willys Aero Ace. Barn find. 55K original miles. Hurricane motor. 3 on the tree, with overdrive. Original paint and interior. It has a few issues, but is pretty solid overall. I'm trying to put it back into fighting trim. Specifically, it no longer shifts out of 1st gear because the shifter lever won't move. Linkage is wonky? Is rebuilding the clutch/linkage possible with available parts? Is there any interchangeability with other willys vehicles?


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Oct 2, 2011
Wrentham Ma.
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Pretty sure a Warner T96 with od just like the 2wd wagons.
Why wouldn't it be?
Take the shifter arms off the transmission and see if it will shift directly off the trans. You will learn something at least. There should be an interlock inside the trans to keep it from going into 2 gears at the same time.
Your problem might be simple.
Parts will be mostly like the same as Willys 2wd wagon or the early CJ2A, but find out what's wrong first.