1952 to 1960 part swapping


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Jun 18, 2010
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Hello everyone, I have a 1960 4wd pickup with a horrible cab and no bed but the engine is good. I found a 1952 2wd pickup with a pretty decent bed and the cab just needs the usual floor replacement. My question is, can I use the cab from the 1952 and put it on my 1960 frame? They have different gauges but I'm not sure if they will work. Basically I want to use most of the body from the 1952 and put it on my 1960 frame and running gear. Thanks in advance
check your cab mounts. the rear mounts are different on my 1963 pickup than my 1951 pickup. one has to be careful, jeep made alot of small changes over the years.
Hey Brian, if you do marry the '52 to the '60, what will you be doing with the '52 chassis? I'd be interested in taking some of the front suspension parts off your hands if you have the Planar set-up

Wow I wouldn't have thought of the cab mounts being different. Thank you, I will have to look into that as I have limited tools to customize things. If I do end up buying the 52, I will most likely sell the frame, suspension, and engine. I really only want the body. I need a bed, and this truck has most of the body panels in good condition. Lee, unfortunately I'm pretty sure the truck just had a 2wd axle, not planar suspension