1. Denmark219

    1950 Jeepster Rewire Pitfalls

    I am helping a good friend do a rewire on his 1950 Jeepster (see image below). He bought a harness from Walck's and it includes the turn signal loom. I restore Chris Craft's and have done a bunch of rewiring with those and I helped another friend rewire a 1970ish Toyota FJ. My question is, what...
  2. Wiring help/ coil not sparking

    I bought a 1957 Willys pickup and was told that it ran when parked. My dad and I replaced the coil and ballast resistor correctly. The old ignition had to be replaced since the keys were missing and we believe that it is wired as it was before but aren't completely sure. We plan to replace all...
  3. wickedwillys62

    Mac 360 wiring help

    I'm doing a chases swap for my wagon with a 79 Cherokee chief, does anyone have any experience with the wire scheme to runs these motors with the ignition modual? I'm very familiar with wire just not the moduals, I will be replacing the hole wire harness but wanted to test run motor befor I...
  4. wiring harness 1949 pickup

    Anybody have any great pictures to guide the placement of a new wiring harness? I especially need help on where it runs though the firewall and down the frame. We bought the 1949 pickup completely apart.
  5. Fire wall picture or "map" of correct holes

    I am going to re-wire a 52 pickup with a wiring harness I purchased from Walk's. Trouble is, when I started on the truck several years ago, I totally removed every thing from the cab, stripped and refinished it, then in a rush to get it moved re-installed the original harness and some of the...